The You’re Enough® merchandise line is more than just merchandise. It is a worldwide movement that was started by Dawn Thompson. Who is Dawn? She is a Christian, single-mom, award-winning business owner, author, self-discovery coach and speaker. She has been in business for over 27 years in the beauty industry, owning and operating Spa Bella Inc. in Wichita Falls, Texas. She has a nonprofit organization, Operation Spa Kids Adopt A Box. This organization provides haircuts, clothing, hygiene products, mentoring and other tools for children, teens and their family to get on the right path.
Dawn is passionate about serving and helping others be the best version of themselves.
She started The You're Enough® Movement in 2012 to make a difference in the world. For most of her life she struggled with the feelings of being unworthy. At some point we have all felt inadequate in life. Dawn learned how to conquer those feelings. In her speeches, she gives you tools to do the same. With all that being said, Dawn has always
had a knack for fashion, so she launched The You’re Enough® merchandise line.
The goal is for a person to wear a piece of You’re Enough® merchandise and help change the way they see their self. By wearing a piece, you are not only making a statement but you are also helping spread this valuable message across the world. “You’re worthy, you’re loved, you matter, you have a purpose, and You’re Enough®"