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About Dawn

Dawn Thompson, is living proof that you can change your life to achieve and enjoy your personal and professional goals. Dawn is full of Southern sass and charm. She is raw, real, and relatable; she will move you with her vivacious personality. She is a Christian, mom, award-winning business owner, author, self-discovery coach and speaker. She has been in business for 27 years in the beauty industry, owning and operating Spa Bella Inc. in Wichita Falls, Texas. She has a nonprofit organization, Operation Spa Kids Adopt A Box. This organization provides haircut, clothing, hygiene products, mentoring and other tools for children, teens and their family to get on the right path.

Dawn is passionate about serving and helping others be the best version of themselves. In Dawn’s speeches, she shares her own struggles and adversities both in her business and personal life.

She helps others realize where their problem areas are and to understand that you are more than your circumstances and negative thoughts. She empowers you to take control of your own life, and let go of old stories, emotional baggage, and patterns, that are holding you back from, your maximum potential in your personal and professional life. She is passionate about helping you find your joy, love and connecting with yourself, and others. She believes that you can be fulfilled with life, and enjoy it by learning to have inner peace and start living life to the fullest.


In the words of Dawn... 

"God has been preparing me for a lifetime of brokenness,

to go boldly worldwide to share my message... 

Through the Cross, You’re Enough®”



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Let’s all band together and raise each other up with this valuable message You’re Enough® and help change the way people see themselves. At some point we all have felt inadequate like we weren’t enough. You or someone you know could be struggling with it right now. This message will help people no matter where they are in life. Whether they feel that they have a great life and want more or they are feeling broken and stuck. Dawn helps people realize that they are more than their past or current circumstances. She empowers individuals to take control of their own life. By letting go of old stories, emotional baggage and patterns that hold them back. She also helps people realize their maximum potential in their personal and professional lives. She wakes you up to the possibilities of being fulfilled in life. By learning to enjoy, have inner peace and start living life to the fullest.


She helps you realize that... 

Through the Cross, You’re Enough®.