I have known Dawn Thompson for a few years. I first heard her speak to a small women's group at our church and was very impressed with the whole presentation.Dawn is also very active in our community and has a servant's heart and is willing to help out when someone is in need. She recently asked me to be a prayer partner with her on her "you Are Enough" movement that she was feeling lead by God to take on the road to several states. She kicked off her tour here in Wichita Falls at the Wellington Convention Center and had asked me to be present to pray with her before the presentation and to be available to pray with anyone who needed prayer afterwards. The place was sold out. After and opening prayer and some Christian praise songs, Dawn made her presentation. She shared her testimony and then shared how she, through getting right with God, turned her life around. I love to watch people and during her talk, I noticed that everyone was deeply engaged and paying close attention to what Dawn had to say. We had talked before the event and Dawn had mentioned that she didn't know if anyone would come and ask for prayer afterwards. Let me tell you, when the time was announced and there were a few of us down in front of the stage to pray with people, it looked like a Billy Graham crusade. People were lining up to be prayed with. In all my years of being a church member, deacon and now a pastor, I have never been a part of something like this. The response was tremendous!! People were lined up 5,6, even 7 deep in rows and were very patient to wait on their turn for prayer.There were many broken hearts and tears were flowing freely. The prayer requests broke my heart. I was asked to pray for just about any situation you can think of and every person I prayed with told me that they had accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I absolutely love to see God working in peoples lives and He is really using Dawn as a vessel for His Kingdom. It was an honor to be a small part of "You Are Enough".

-Roy L Boswell, Pastor of Broken Chains Freedom Church 


Scarlet Letter Ministries was invited to participate in the kick off of The You're Enough Movement at the Wellington. We were so impressed with the organization of the event, everything flowed so well. Beginning with the vendors and going on in to the music. Dawn's testimony of encouragement was outstanding. It ended with so many people moving forward for prayer. Seeing their desire to change and become involved in the solutions that would give them better lives was simply amazing. If only society as a whole could experience this kind of faith, hope and love!

-John Welter, Pastor of Scarlet Letter Ministries


Dawn spoke to my district Mary Kay consultants and knocked it out of the park! We are used to top- notch training with Mary Kay but I have to say she deeply penetrated our souls. She challenged us, and for the better. Dawn is energetic, real, and dynamic. Her love for people shines through. She helped us to not only hone in on growth opportunities, but give us tools to actually implement them.

-Deborah Rose, Senior Sales Director of Mary Kay


Incredible things happen when passion, purpose, and faith come together.  Drawing upon the strength she developed through challenges and capitalizing on opportunities, Dawn Thompson communicates a unique life perspective that engages audiences of all ages, demographics and backgrounds to be more confident and find the happiness drawn from ”you’re enough.”  Dawn spoke to a group of young student leaders from across the state and did a wonderful job of challenging them to serve others, be a life long learner and most importantly ... find the peace that comes with happiness.

-Aaron Alejandro, Executive Director at Texas FFA Foundation


I had the privilege of hearing Dawn speak to a very disadvantaged group of junior-high girls about the importance of self-worth and the fact that they, alone, are “enough.” The girls were visibly touched beyond measure. In the span of 45 minutes, I saw these girls with very difficult lives motivated in believing they could accomplish anything they set their minds to with positive thinking and tenacity. I was thrilled that Dawn took the time to bring her message to these girls.

-Tonya Cannedy, Junior League of Wichita Falls


Dawn was able to truly connect with a wide demographic. Her message resonated, not only with Millennials but Baby Boomers alike. Her inspiration was just what we needed.

-Kem Houge, Regional Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters