You are Beautiful without!!!

First off this post is NOT about me being anti-makeup.
As many of you know I have been in the beauty industry for 25 years. Let’s just say I have witnessed a lot. I have seen women and men spend vast amounts of money to look and feel better. Heck I have done it too. I have seen people cake on make-up in hope that it hides imperfections.
I have heard people say things like hide the ugly me, make me look like someone else. 😳They were searching for something that all the makeup in the world could not cover.
The reason for this post is three days ago I was out of foundation and when I went to the store and the sweet young lady explained to me about a process I could do that required about 3 hours of applying a foundation for a flawless look, ( although intrigued I laughed and thought it takes 10 minutes for me to put on all of my make up.) She explained to me an application about baking concealer under my eyes. Hmmm, I thought heck I barely have time to cook supper much less bake under my eyes. She sold me my foundation and I was out the door. I was telling some of my guy friends about what ladies are doing with make-up theses days.I had both of them pipe up and tell me the same thing.. there is nothing more beautiful than a woman that loves her self and allows herself to be natural. Fast forward to the next morning I meet this lovely lady and the first thing she says to me is I’m so sorry I don’t have any make up on today, I told her I thought she looked beautiful and her skin was gorgeous. About an hour later I meet a pastor that brings up women hiding behind too much make up. I explained to him in the last 24 hours this topics has shown up a couple of times and here he was randomly telling me this. What is it God is trying to tell me? So last night as standing in line at the store I glance over and see this magazine shaming women without make up. I said OK God I got it.... I see the burning bush. I prayed about it and I feel it is to make a post. To give people the reminder that we are more than a bag of cosmetics, the clothes that we put on our body, and the hand bag we through over our shoulder. We are so much more than the house in which we live with the car that we drive.
What example are we setting for young children. Are we telling our daughters that they’re ugly without make up, that they must bake their make up on, they must spend three hours to apply foundation for a flawless look. What about teaching that they are flawless in the cross. No matter make up or no make up they are precious. As I said in the beginning of this post it is not against make up, I like make up and wear it.
It is about knowing we are enough without it, that we don’t have to apologize for being seen in public without. I tell my daughter she is beautiful, with all her little freckles. Let the world see how many little angel kisses she has on her face.
Instead of watching tutorials about how to cover up, how about tutorials on how to learn to uncover their beautiful hearts and let them shine.
If you are reading this and never go anywhere without make up, I encourage you to try it, at least take it off look in the mirror at yourself and tell yourself that “you Love you.”
Wear make up all you want. Just know when you don’t wear it you’re still beautiful. Make up should never be used to hide yourself. It should be used to enhance your natural beauty. You are naturally beautiful when you are yourself. Love yourself enough to be yourself and know that You’re Enough! ~ love Dawn #theyoureenoughmovement

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