Think before you speak!!!

It is so important how you speak to others, about others and yourself.
Be careful you are not using your tongue for gossip, putting others or yourself down, bragging, manipulating, complaining, or lying. This divides people and spreads destruction, and once spoken you can not stop the results of your tongue. You can apologize later, but the scars still remain. What you think is harmless gossip, or words spoke in anger, can destroy a relationship that took years to build.
Not only does it hurt the other person, this hurts you. What you speak about, you bring about. So...know this, if you speak trash out of your mouth, you will bring trash into your mind. A great rule of thumb: Before you speak...1.Ask is this what I want to say?
2. Is it necessary? 3. Is it kind?
James 3:2-3
Know you are worth so much more than speaking ill of yourself or others.
You’re Enough-Dawn Thompson

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