Rehab Time!

What an honor to be the guest speaker at Shades of Hope for their 30th year anniversary. This facility is near and dear to my heart❤️ because years ago I attended this rehab. I showed up not knowing what to expect and had no idea how hard rehab was going to be. My whole life I had ran from myself and now I was forced to get to know myself. I discovered a lot about myself. I was a
co-dependent, love addict, and crumb chaser. What I mean by crumb chaser is I accepted very little from myself and others. Food was my drug of choice to numb the pain. I started my bad relationship with food at the age of 5 years old and it continued through most of my adult life. I trusted the process and learned how to love me. It was awesome to show up years later to not be checked in to Shades, but to be the guest speaker.
The reason I am able to get up and speak on my topic, You’re Enough, is not the fact that I have worked with some of the world's best teachers and I have studied day and night on self development. I am able to speak on this passionately because I lived hell on earth for a big majority of my life and by THE GRACE OF GOD HE SAVED ME AND I BECOME AN OVERCOMER... I am on fire to help anyone in the struggle of not feeling they are Enough. I love helping people knockout those limiting beliefs about yourself and help you to realize that the negative you believe about yourself is just a lie from the enemy. I help you realize that you are a child of a king and Through Him You’re Enough!!!
If you or someone you know has an addiction problem I would highly recommend #THEYOUREENOUGHMOVEMENT

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