From the ER to the Podium... About 2 1/2 weeks ago I had surgery and was recovering great. Out of nowhere I started getting dizzy and it was progressively getting worse. So yesterday the doctors office referred me to the emergency room. After running a bunch of test the results were, that I was super dehydrated.
So they hooked up a little IV cocktail to get me up and going again. I explained to the amazing staff and the awesome Doctor Ruiz at United Reginal that I had a speech at 7pm that I could not miss. I explained, I gave them my word I would be there. They were so willing to help me get there on time. At 6:35 I was signing my discharge papers and I was out the door to my speech. As I am driving to the church, I was thinking about the whole ordeal and how the enemy will try to stop us from Gods work. I was so determined to go because I knew someone at that event needed to hear what God was going to use me to speak on forgiveness, love and shedding light on the enemies lies. After the event some women at the Country Church came up and said you don’t know how bad I needed to hear that message tonight. 🙏🏼
The moral of this post is. Where is the enemy trying to stop you with his lies that keep you bound up in fear? 1 Peter 5:8 Even though he prowls the earth like a hungry lion.
Ephesians 6:13 Know that God is bigger than anything the enemy can try and bring against you. He is so faithful!

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