Is what your living for worth what christ died for?

We hear this statement all the time that “Jesus died for you on the cross.” But, stop and let this soak in... What does that mean he died for you? Imagine you were brutally beaten and made to carry a heavy wooden cross only to know you were about to be nailed to it. Not to mention you were innocent. He went through this for you, for your kids, for all of us. He paid a price he did not owe. But, he loves you so much he suffered and died to save you from the penalty of your sins. Isaiah 53:5 By his stripes you are healed. I had to ask this question to myself...Was what I was living for worth Jesus dying for me? The answer was a resounding NO. I was empty and had hit rock bottom. I looked and prayed relentlessly for God to show me how to live for him. I have to say that my life hasn’t been the same since. I get on fire to help others do the same. If you are not right with God 🙏🏼today is a great day to make that happen. He loves you so much and is waiting for you to call out to him and give it all to him. So ask yourself...
Is what I am living for worth Jesus dying for?

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