Happy Mother's Day!

HEY MOM...This post is dedicated to you!
To all of the moms out there that are working endlessly, who are tired and sometimes feel they are not a good mom. Maybe you are comparing yourself to that mom you see on social media that you THINK has it figured out, she makes her kids organic meals, makes time to play with her kids, she is a homeroom mom, makes bible study, bakes homemade cupcakes for everyone’s birthday, takes care of her husband and all his needs and still manages to workout, look great and hold down a full time job...Oh my gosh STOP!!! These are high reels that you are seeing. What you don’t see are the mental breakdowns, the times she is surrounded by her friends but feels all alone. You don’t hear the negative committee that meets in her head telling her she is not good enough. Trust me, that mom that you think has it all together struggles with the same things you do. Face it we all feel inadequate at sometime or another. I am a single mother of three and I struggle with it too, sometimes I can’t always make my kid’s band concert, I don’t always have the money to buy them things they want, I lose my temper sometimes and scream, my kids sometimes eat processed junk more than they should. When I start feeling like I suck as a mom. I remind myself and say out loud, “I AM A GREAT MOM!”
We have created a society where we feel we must be busy and do something huge to be enough. What about being a mom, isn’t that enough? Being a mom is one of the hardest but rewarding jobs ever. Mom’s, if you are reading this REPEAT AFTER ME: I AM THE DAUGHTER OF A KING, I AM A ROCK STAR, I AM CONFIDENT, AND I AM ENOUGH. Work it, rock it and own it sisters!!! Happy Mother’s Day weekend, you deserve it!
Love you!
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