Fear is a Liar

Are you letting fear sucking the life out of you? What has living in fear cost you?
Fear can keep you stuck from living the life you desire.
Here are some great ways to overcome fear.
1. Decide...that’s it, no more, I will no longer settle. That you refuse to die with that desire inside of you.
2. Get rid of all excuses. When coaching people I can always tell they’re about to give me an excuse, when I hear the words but, I can’t, you don’t understand...( all excuses )
Want it as bad as you want to breathe and stop making excuses.
3. Get in the right state of mind that
”you can and you will.” Do not be afraid to ask God for help. See it as done and know with him its possible.
4. If something doesn’t work out try something else. One of my amazing mentors used to say... have you tried everything? No, you’ve just tried what hasn’t worked, try something else. Know there will be times you feel you have failed. Don’t see it as a failure. See it as it happened for you and not to you. Learn from it
and adjust your strategies around it.
The fastest way to get over your fear is to do what you’re afraid of. So get out there and live life boldly. Stop letting it rob you of your happiness. Remember fear is a liar and you are enough to make the life you desire come true!

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